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"Southern City" French Coastal Town Cityscape by Marius Hammann

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A cityscape of a city in southern Denmark with rooftops streching into the distance. Oil on canvas. Signed Hammann lower left. 

Frame Size: 34" x 24" Canvas Size: 31" x 21" 

Marius Hammann (Danish, 1879-1936) Marius Hammann began as a decorative painter, characterized by the current interest in e.g. the Renaissance and the pre-Raphaelite art. The solid form, the decorative painting, was replaced by a broader way of painting, which H. i.a. was inspired to through the company of his youth friend Edvard Weie. H. moved into a distinctly picturesque form, where light became an essential part of the motif. His small pictures from the early stays in France are made with an almost poetic perception of the motifs. The later images from the Pyrenees and Venice are filled with the sunlight's powerful markings of light and shadow in architecture and landscape. The color surfaces have become luminous and appear airy and vibrating. Architecture is included as an essential, image-creating element. H.'s subject area included depictions of people, interiors with figures, landscapes and motifs from cities, where the interaction between nature and the urban environment in particular played a significant role. In the motifs from Christianshavn and Dragør, H. worked with the same high light and yellow surfaces on the architecture that he found in the south. He had a special ability to reproduce his fine sense of light and space, which especially came into its own in the urban landscapes.


"Southern City" French Coastal Town Cityscape by Marius Hammann
Vintage - 1910 - 1950
Condition: VGood - Minor wear appropriate to age
Style: Impressionism
Dimensions: 34"W x 24"H
Care Instructions: N/A