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1879 Ship Painting by Vilhelm Arnesman

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1879 Nautical painting of a "Ship at Sea" by Vilhelm (Karl Ferdinand) Arnesen (Denmark, 1865-1948).

Signed "V. Arnesen" (LR). Oil on canvas. Presented in gilt frame.

Vilhelm Arnesen's father was a skipper and built model ships, and A. already drew and painted ships and sea as a boy. He came into painter's doctrine, reviewed since the Academy's schools and found his style, which he faithfully cultivated. He became popular with his powerful staged marine images from near and far, preferably with large sailing ships, in storm and quiet, and with a bright, optimistic tone of joy over the nation's pride. He was given prominent protectors and buyers with the royal family at the forefront, and he came on trips with naval and other vessels to distant countries. A. portrayed national and royal events in past and present. To the City Hall in Helsingør, he carefully and historically painted a large prospect of the city during the lunchtime in a kind of eckersberg style, a commissioning task on the occasion of the town's 500th anniversary. He was the last of the old national marine painters.


1879 Ship Painting by Vilhelm Arnesman
Antique - 19th Century
Condition: VGood - Major craquelure throughout and minor chips to edges of frame.
Style: Nautical
Dimensions: 22"W x 1"D x 14.75"H
Care Instructions: N/A
Color: Blue