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Jørn Glob Mid-Century Landscape with Farmhouse

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Mid-century Expressionist landscape with farmhouse in muted colors featuring white structures with thatched roofs surrounded by grassy hills. 

Jørn Glob (Danish, 1913-1988). Oil on canvas presented in gilt frame.

Jørn Glob, the son of Johannes Glob, was known for his forest motifs and for duplicating landscapes at different times of day in order to capture the effects of changing light. This painting is a classic example of Glob's seasonal landscapes and expressive brushwork. The Skovgaard Museum houses a landscape painting by the artist. 

Dimensions include frame. 


Jørn Glob Mid-Century Landscape with Farmhouse
Mid Century - 1950-1970
Condition: VGood - Minor wear.
Dimensions: 39"W x 2"D x 30.5"H
Weight: 15 lbs
Color: Beige