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Orange Mogens Hoff Painting

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Prone figures lay on the ground in front of a white mass with a figure inside. Unsigned. No frame. 

Canvas Size: 32" x 48.5"

Attributed to Mogens Hoff (Danish, 1934-2008). Hoff was a self-taught painter, sculptor, and author who specialized in expressive figurative paintings. His primary subjects consisted of mythological and biblical scenes, portraits, and wildlife. Works by Hoff can be found in the collections of Danish institutions including the National Gallery of Denmark and the Vendsyssel Art Museum.


Orange Mogens Hoff Painting
Vintage (1910>1989)
Condition: Good - includes hanger.
Style: Expressionism
Dimensions: 32"W x 0.75"D x 48.5"H
Weight: 10 lbs
Care Instructions: N/A