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Gallery Wall Art, S/4

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Instant gallery wall, a set of four artworks featuring minimal color and an eclectic mix of styles and subject matter. 

Overall dimensions represent the layout shown, which has 1.5" spacing between frames.

Dimensions from smallest to largest,

H- 11.75 W - 8.5, ink drawing of a woman eating an apple atop a man by Swedish artist Gunnar Widholm (1882-1953).

H - 12.5 x W - 15, etching of a kiosk, signed and dated 1972.

H - 16.5 x W - 12.25, lithograph of a stream by Swedish artist Karin Persson (1891-1971), signed and numbered.

H - 19.5 x W - 19.5, lithograph depicting subjects sorrounded by gothic cathedrals and dragons swooping from the sky, signed.


Gallery Wall Art, S/4
Vintage (1910>1989)
Materials: Please select
Condition: Please select - minor wear
Colors: Please select
Dimensions: 33.5"W x 33.5"H
Weight: 15 lbs
Color: Beige